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Namecheap Method to earn money

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1Namecheap Method to earn money  Empty Namecheap Method to earn money on Sun Jun 02, 2013 4:31 am


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Ok, I'm releasing this method and I believe it's quite blackhat and it's easy to do, however it won't guarantee you to earn, I tried this myself and earned $10


1.Go to and buy any domain with your paypal account (make sure to use real one as this is where you will receive the payments)
2.After you bought any domain, try to buy domains using other credit cards , $10-$50 gives more chance to get money
3. After 1 day/ couple of days , your account will be banned for fraud detection and when that happens they will tell you to give them scanned copy of credit card and say they will cancel your order.
4. Just wait for them to refund when they detect fraud, they will refund the money you bought from your paypal account and possibly the one you took from the credit card.


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