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Mr. Manager: could make the map "6.69b collided" equal to the map (6.61c 100% undetectable Collider).

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Could make the "Pro Mode Collide Dota 6.69b Map" As collided old version.
(6.61c 100% Undetectable Collider).

An Example:
(6.61c 100% Undetectable Collider). afro


The hack is self-activate.

To view hack list:
Type: -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6,

Hack List:


-HC stifling Dagger (Phantom Assassin)

DW-Acid Spray (Alchemist)

-LJQ Goblin `s Greed (Alchemist)

-MB Tombstone (Undying)

Decay-SWL (Undying)

-DZ Epicenter (Sand King)

Weave-AM (Shadow Priest)

-SD Tide Bringer (Admiral Proudmoore)

Torrent-HL (Admiral Proudmoore)

-CZD Ghost Ship (Admiral Proudmoore)

Nether Strike-LHR (Barathum)

Remnant Static-DM1 (Storm Spirit)

DM2-Vortex Electric (Storm Spirit)

-DMD Ball Lightning (Storm Spirit)

BNC-Charge of Darkness (Barathrum)

-FW Berserker `s Call (Axe)

-GB Bristleback (Bristleback)

"Nature` s MH Attendants (Enchantress)

Diabolic edict-TS (Leshrac)

-HZ Spirit Lance (Phantom Lancer)

Devour-TB (Doom Bringer)

LP Multi-Cast (Ogre Magi)

-SL Inner Vitality (Huskar)

Track-SJ (Bounty Hunter)

-JM Curse of Silent (Silencer)

-SQ Penitence (Holy Knight)

-LL God `s Strength (Sven)

Venomous-JD Gale (Venomancer)

Meat Hook-TF (Pugde)

Aphotic Shield-DKD (Abaddon)

Flesh Heap-FHY (Pugde)

DMG-XQE Impale (Nerubian Assassin)

DMG-CXE Impale (Tidehunter)

DMG-SWE Impale (Sand King)

DMG-EME Impale (Lion)

Wex-WWW 'www' (Invoker)

EEA-Exort 'eee' (Invoker)

-WWE Exort Wex & 'WWE' (Invoker)

Wex & Exort-WEE 'wee' (Invoker)

Shackleshot-FXY (Windrunner)

-FXH Windrunner (Windrunner)

Focus Fire-FXD (Windrunner)

Illusory Orb-JLL1 (Puck)

JLL2 Phase-Shift (Puck)

QWE1 Wex-Level (Invoker)

-QWE2 Quas Level (Invoker)

QWE3 Wex-Level (Invoker)

-HN Astral Imprisonment (Destroyer)

AI-JG - Vanish Forever! (Destroyer)

Incapacitating Bite-ZZ (Brood ******)

Web Spin-ZW (Brood ******)

-W1 Maledict (Witch Doctor)

-TT1 Multihits Paralyzing Cask (Witch Doctor)

Stun-TT2 Paralyzing Cask (Witch Doctor)

Lucent Beam-YQ1 (Moon Rider)

DMG Eclipse-q2 ((Moon Rider)

Eclipse-YQ3 Multihits (Moon Rider)

DMG-WY1 Chain Frost (Lich)

Duration-WY2 Chain Frost (Lich)

Refraction-ZG1 Bonus (Templar Assassin)

-ZG2 Refraction Limit (Templar Assassin)

-Sll1 Gravekeeper `s Cloak (Visage)

-Sll2 Limit Gravekeeper `s Cloak (Visage)

YM-Hunter in the Night (Balan)

Devour-XH disabled (Doom Bringer)

Sunder-Hx (Soul Keeper)

-DS Nature's Guise (Treant Protector)

EMS Press Nova (Leshrac)

-SWM Death Pulse (Necrolyte)

DMG-JS1 Omnislash (Juggernaut)

-JS2 Limit Omnislash (Juggernaut)

-XK1 Chronosphere (Faceless Void)

"XK2 Time Walk - Invul (Faceless Void)

Rocket Flare-FTR (Goblin Clockwerk)

Stun-XQY Impale (Nerubian Assassin)

Stun-EMY Impale (Lion)

DMG-SWY Impale (Sand King)

DMG-CXY Impale (Tidehunter)

-BHT Elune `s Arrow (Priestess of the Moon)

Leap-YNT Distance (Priestess of the Moon)

-BHJ Moonlight Shadow (Priestess of the Moon)

Starfall-BHL (Priestess of the Moon)

Leap-YNJ Level (Priestess of the Moon)

Illuminate-GF1 (Keeper of the Light)

Form Spirit-GF2 (Keeper of the Light)

-GF3 Mana Leak (Keeper of the Light)

-BNW Frostbite (Maiden)

Freezing Field-BND (Maiden)

JLE Phase-Shift (Puck)

SSG Rage (Naix)

-GSL Open Wounds (Naix)

Rupture DMG-GL1 (Blood)

Duration Rupture-GL2 (Blood)

DHE-Eye of the Storm (Lightning Revenant)

DHC Static-Link (Lightning Revenant)

FlameBreak-BFR (Batrider)

Instant-ALLYOURBASEAREBELONGTOUS Victory (Plz wait for a FEW seconds after activated, reactivate if it still doens't work again)

Infinity Tower-TW Glyph

-Detect low-HP enemy hp

Item -ITEM/-I SPY (See enemy item)

IT-Item hack (BKB & Satanic)

RUNE Rune-Activator

Zoom-Zoom Camera 1-1200

Anti-attack-NOGANK Gank! Detect Approaching Enemies

-PING/-P Enable / disable minimap ping hero

-HB Phantom Strike 100% attack speed forever (Phantom Assassin)

Ancestral Spirit Lvl-NTR dmg (Tauren Chieftain)

Natural Order-NTW (Tauren Chieftain)

BFF Flame-Laso (Batrider)

Hack-TOW Tower (Vengeful Spirit)

Fountain hack-FOU (Vengeful Spirit)

-YNJ Eluna 5 sec stun Arrow (POTM)

Moonlight Shadow-fade forever YND (POTM)

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I did'nt make that map. I'm just found it on the net.
So far, there is no other collided map. I'll post it in this section soon as i found it k?

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