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hieubm's Garena Auto-Joiner

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1 hieubm's Garena Auto-Joiner on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:38 pm





• Features:
- Automatically and continuously try to join a full room.
- It won't touch your mouse so you can minimize Garena and do other tasks while auto-joining.
- You can choose delay between tries (default is 5s).
- No longer wait for 5s. You can try to join with a very high speed: 0.5s/try.
- Can try to join multiple rooms in one time.

• Changelog (from 2.5)
- Fix problem with "Please click on a room and press F7"
- Increase volume of tada.wav
- Automatically check-for-updates.
- It can try to join multiple rooms in one time.

• Note for 3.0
GAJ 3.0 added a new feature: TRY TO JOIN MULTIPLE ROOMS IN ONE TIME..
- To start auto-joiner, click on the first room and press F7.
- Next, don't scroll room list. Click on the last room and press F7. Auto-Joiner will start after that.
- While auto-joiner running, you can stop it by press F7 again.
- Auto-Joiner will automatically stop when join successfully.
- If you want Auto-Joiner try to join only one room. Click on that room and press F7 twice.

How to use:

Credit goes to hieubm Smile

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