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1 [RELEASE] DOTA THEME MANAGER V4!!! on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:30 pm



What is the DotA
Theme Manager?

The DotA Theme Manager - short: DTM - is a useful tool that allows you
to change the ingame appearance of your Warcraft III.
It is focused on changing the terrain of DotA, so it might look bad
if you play other maps with the DTM activated, but the appearance can
restored easily. If you play DotA using the DTM, the terrain looks
but gameplay-technical nothing changed - only textures are changed.
The advantage of the DotA Theme Manager: Only you see the changes
while you
can still play with other players who do not use the DotA Theme
The Gallery shows some screenshots of the terrain changes.

for Leagues and Communities

This information is meant for League- and Community Admins.

Some Leagues and Communities are unsure whether they should accept the
DotA Theme Manager or not.
They fear that the DTM will somehow affect fairness, for example by
making trees easily clickable
or by making enemies standing out due to the contrast with the

To that, I can only say:
-Since I only change the tree's textures, they can be clicked equally
well at any time
-I will always keep the program fair - no UI-Hiding, "transparent
trees" or anything comparable
-The idea that a hero stands out due to contrast can hardly be called
In my opinion, you can see heroes good enough in any case - it never
happened to me that any hero
suddenly appeared next to me and I just did not see him while he
walked to me visibly.

I promise to you that the only goal of the DotA Theme Manager is to
make DotA visually more attractive
and diversified

Download - DotaManager V4(MEDIAFIRE)

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