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Make more than +$100 a day!

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Steps on Protecting Your Identity

- Make a fake email (I Prefer Google, they are user friendly).
- Make a new, fake Skype account (Use the email you just created).
- Get a VPN
- Make a Paypal account, make it Canadian so you dont need to link a credit card.

Setting Everything Up

1. Go to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and download manycam.
2. Go To a Porn Website and find a girl on a webcam.
3. Go to webcam settings in skype, and select manycam as your main webcam.
4. Open ManyCam, go to "sources", "Movies", and "Add files".
5. Add your Porn video video.
6. Remove the ManyCam watermark.


1. Go To [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
2. Make a sexy name
3. Say something like Add me on skype for a sexy show, Only $<Price>. Skype Name: <Skype Name>(keep the price like $25)
4. When you do this you should get tons of skype requests
5. Start accepting them and say Hey Baby, You want that show Wink(Be Smooth and sexy with it).
6. Get into a good conversation and just keep saying babe and baby a lot.
7. Show Them a preview, Keep it brief.
8. When they pay, you have two options.
- Take the money and Run!
- Give them the show.

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