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Make 100$-1000$ a day

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1 Make 100$-1000$ a day on Fri May 31, 2013 1:10 pm


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Hello Everybody,

This post contains many small tricks that can be beneficial in your marketing along with the main technique that is used here.

Yes, This is maybe a serious hard work , not for Newbie.

• First thing that you will need is a good affiliate account in a popular niche. Dating is a niche that is known to work well with this method. You can easily get an affiliate account approved at if you don't have one already. Create an account, browse for an offer that is of your interest and note down the link of a good landing page.
• Next thing that we need is a free website. The reason why we need it free is because it opens up an opportunity of scaling up this method that we will talk at the end of this post. Some of you might be already knowing it but I am sure this information will be useful for quite a few people reading this post. You can register a domain completely free of cost on . Dot TK is a free website extension that is functional since 2001. Anybody can register a free .tk domain on that website.

• After you have that domain, you can set up a 301 or 302 redirect towards the link that you got from your affiliates website. So by the end of step three, you have a free website that directly takes users to your affiliate page. You do not need to use any url shortening for it because it is already a top level domain. And it opens in a nice looking signup page that you yourself picked.
• The next thing is to drive traffic towards that page. We wont be using any search engine methods for doing it. Our traffic will be completely driven from Twitter and Craigslist.
• You will need to create a few twitter accounts to use with this method. And you will be posting regular updates using an auto scheduler. I looked around for different services on internet for auto-scheduling tweets. Out of the ones that I tested, Socialoomph appears to be the most effective solution for free users. You can create your account on free of cost and add all your twitter accounts into it. You will need to schedule regular updates with your domain link in it.
• A very important point here is to use tags in your tweets. Hash tag is the most acceptable way on twitter to get your tweets a lot of visibility. When you post a tweet with a hashtag, it not only appears in your timeline but also the page of that hash tag. These pages usually get very good amount of traffic and you can easily get hundreds, even thousands views on your tweet with even a new account.
• Since many of the affiliate offers are targeted towards particular countries, twitter traffic may not be very beneficial for that. In such cases, you can make use of craigslist or other classified sites to post your ads and drive traffic towards your page.
• I looked for a number of solutions on CL Posting. Unfortunately, there is no free solution available for posting successfully on Craigslist. One good tool that I encountered was from ... It is priced much lower than other solutions like CLAD and it appears to work fine with this method too.
• You can simply post your ads in different cities of craigslist using an auto poster or manually. Here also, ensure that you stuff keywords and tags at the end of the description in your ads. Descriptions are very important when you post ads on CL.
• The next step is to scale up this method. This method is scalable because we haven't used any paid marketing method here. You can create as many affiliate offers and websites as you like. You can also market it easily using multiple accounts on twitter or on multiple cities in craigslist.

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2 Re: Make 100$-1000$ a day on Sat Jul 27, 2013 1:46 am


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nice info dude

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