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Make Around $50 an hour, for noobs

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1 Make Around $50 an hour, for noobs on Fri May 31, 2013 1:07 pm


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I will tell you how when using this method I was making around $50 an hour. Now this method is somewhat talked about and if there are ebooks covering it I am unaware.

General Overview
You will create a girls myspace account and use it to get people to sign up for free offers. These are the referrals you need to get free iphones and stuff like that. When you complete these free sites, they essentially pay you 50/referral. You will get people to be your referrals. I believe this has been used to have people sign up for your affiliates, but I think this works better because it seems to jive with your potential referrals better. Just read the script before you pass judgment.

Step 1- create a myspace account, and find a cute girls picture some where on the internet. I preferred to use a picture of a girl that has her back to the camera (so you dont actually see her face) and a nice tramp stamp. This will interest potential referrals only because they will ask for another picture, which you will send later.

Now fill in all the information, feel it in with information you think the guys will like. Like I love the office and the newest coolest band etc. Make yourself likable.

Step 2 - Add friends, you want to add friends that are in the local area of your fake girl. This will be used to lure guys into completing the offers.

you could message them something like "Hey whats up cutie, I just moved here and wanted to meet some cool people. Tell me about yourself."

This is good because they then think that you actually may want to hang out if you have a good connection.

Step 3 - Once you have some guys hooked ask them about there likes, favorite food etc etc. Dont waste too much time though! Once you have send about 4-5 posts between each other go to the next step.

Step 4 - Once you feel a good connection, you spring this on him. "Hey my little bro's b-day is coming up and I wanted to get him a wii. Problem is I only need one person to sign up for a free offer to get it for him... Do you think you could help me out? I would love ya forever
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] " You can feel in whatever product you want from the freebie site you are completing. In my experience most guys I did this too said ya, what do I have to do.

Step 5 - Once they say yes give them your referral link to the freebie site. They will go to, you can tell them they can put in fake info if they really want (at this point I find it works best if I am instant messaging them so there is no disconnect in talking). Once they enter the info tell them what offer to complete. I usually tell them to complete blockbuster, sure it costs 10 dollars for them, but I usually hook them by saying something like "do the blockbuster offer, then you can rent us some movies for the weekend and I can give you a special present...
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] " ( I know it disgusts me even telling you I once did this).

Step 6 - Remember its for your little bro's Christmas or b-day, whatever you want. Once they have signed up make sure to be checking that you got credit for there offer. And then never talk to them again. Although I have had several times where I actually got the guy to sign up for multiple sites.

This method works good because of the fact that you are using your little bro as a reason for them to sign up. It isnt a link for some dating site or anything like that, but for an actual toy etc (when in fact you receive paypal for the offers, but they dont know that). Also it is a very non threatening website.

Also say you referred someone through just a normal blockbuster affiliate program. you are only paid 30 bucks, whereas if you do it through the freebie site you are given 50. There are a bunch of freebie sites you can do it on, and if you do happen to do it to all you can just do it from a different ip and go again. If you need freebie links pm me and I will send you some.

Like I said I know this has kind off been covered but I thought I would offer my 2 cents.

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2 Re: Make Around $50 an hour, for noobs on Sat Jul 27, 2013 1:47 am


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thanks bro

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