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GarenaMaster v86.01 - Released!

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1 GarenaMaster v86.01 - Released! on Wed Nov 09, 2011 9:49 am


Hello guys..
I just back from a vacation. Sorry for the late updates.
Got updates from GM since my last post. Below are the changelogs of the previous version & this version too.

Changelogs :
Version: 86.01 - [2011/11/03]
- Back to new Injector System, but compiled with old IDE, at least here worked fine with no crash !
# PS: Remember to delete all the old garenamaster before extracting this version or just extract on different folder!
# PS: If you extract on different folder you will probably need add gm to your antivirus exclusion list again!

Version: 86.00 - [2011/11/02]
- This version is just rollback to v85.02, we had some problem with the
host hack in the latest version and we need more time to find where is
the problem...

Version: 85.04 - [2011/10/29]
- Garena and Warcraft Injector was reworked, i hope it work better now!
(PS: Injectors is always detected like Virus by Antivirus, you must add
it to exception list on your antivirus if you want use gm!)
- Added Online Users Counter
- Emergency fix on Injector for v85.03
- PS: Lite version is still under development but we're doing good progress, i hope soon we will have it done!
#-=-=-= Extra Features that WILL have on LITE version (under development): -=-=-=-=#
# Advanced Exp Log
# Auto Login all your accounts (max 18) on all configured servers
(unlimited) with random port and join automatically each account and
each instance on random room!
# Option to close all open garena!
# Option to close all open garena from determined account nick!
# And more!


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