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GarenaMaster v84.02 - Released!

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1 GarenaMaster v84.02 - Released! on Sun Sep 25, 2011 6:39 am


GM updated~*

Changelogs :
Version: 84.02
- Working on new Garena update.
- Added support to Garena Plus (Currently in BETA)
- Replaced Installer to Loader, that will check if you have needed packages and redirect your to download page case not.
- [Garena Client] New Feature: Room user limit increased from 225 to 235
- [Garena Plus] Features currently added: Host Hack, Name Spoofer, Map
Hack, EXP Hack, Flood Hack, Disable protections, Remove 5s wait.
- PS 1: You can't disable any features of Garena Plus [Except Name Spoofer] (yet)
- PS 2: Not all features added to Garena Plus (yet)
- PS 3: I encrypted all gm files, maybe will cause false positives in
your antivirus, just disable it or add gm to exception list.
- Fixed bug on loader, please download again...
- Another bug fixed on loader
- Fixed button "Exit" on garenamaster
- Fixed crash problem when you cannot access gm portal or version.ini to determine the current and latest version.


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