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DotA v6.70c AI Cheated Map

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1 DotA v6.70c AI Cheated Map on Sat May 07, 2011 12:23 pm


DotA v6.70c AI Cheated Map Released! This
version also has some extra features that we could call the "menu
cheats" (further explained below). The rest of the cheats are the same
as before.

Here's a quick FAQ:
Q:What is a AI cheated map?
A:A AI map with cheats

Q:Can I use it on garena?
A:Yes,but everyone who will join you will download.

Q:So what's the point of this map?
A:Use it for lan games,play it with your friends...

How to use
1. Download the files below
2. Replace your original dota map with this one
3. Host it
4. Type the activator,then use the cheats you want
5. Have fun!

Click here to see the full cheat commands
Click here to see the menu cheat functions

The activator for both the menu and the cheats is -reggie


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