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GarenaMaster v71.01 - Released!

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1GarenaMaster v71.01 - Released! Empty GarenaMaster v71.01 - Released! on Wed Apr 20, 2011 6:35 am



Changelogs :
Version: 71.00 - [2011/04/19]
- New interface to GM.EXE and GM.DLL
- New ManaBar system -> Alt + F2 (default) to change [ALLY / ENEMY / ALL / OFF]
- New Cam Distance Hack by scroll to all versions (just use your mouse scroll to change the distance)
- New Goblin Notifier -> Ping on minimap and tell you where goblin planted the bomb!
- Reworked the GarenaMaster textout on war3 | Thanks to YourName for the code and Open|Fire for the fix
- You can use -clear to clear GarenaMaster messages also now.
- Removed old Cam Distance Hack.
- Removed Delay Reducer (it's bugged...)
- Host Hack no longer can be disabled, you use the command only if you want...
- Drop Bnet is enabled by default now.
- ManaBar is enabled by default now.
- Garena AutoPatch is enabled by default now.
- Many others bugfix.
- Many others improvements.

Changelogs :
Version: 71.01 - [2011/04/19]
- Fixed Goblin notifier crash on 1.24e
- Temporary Disabled ManaBars due crash when someone move to the rune


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