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GarenaMaster v68.03 - Released!

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1 GarenaMaster v68.03 - Released! on Sun Mar 27, 2011 12:04 am



Below are the changelogs of this and the previous versions.

Version: 68.03 - [2011/03/25]
- Emergency fix: Fixed "Abnormal Program Termination" when your war3 registry is damaged.
- Fixed bug that show CD Hack to versions that it not support!

Version: 68.02 - [2011/03/25]
- Re-added rune notifier
- Re-added Dota Features [1.24e]
- Added ping notification where rune respawn (thanks to yourname)
- Added text notification when someone drop the GEM
- Added new system to disable the features, bugs free [This new one will
read the original value from memory before patching it and store it for
future unpatch only what u patched, and with 100% of success rate!]
- You can now configure your own hotkeys in war3 tab!
- Default hotkeys changed to: Enable/Disable = Alt + F1 | Zoom IN = Alt + F2 | Zoom Out = Alt + F3
- You can now change the cam distance with hotkey without enabling mh.
- Cam Distance will no longer back to default when disable mh, if you wanna just set it to 1650 that is the original of war3.
- Added option in the GM.exe to not load the mh, if you don't wanna use it...
- Fixed bug in Registry Cleanner
- Some others bugfix that i not remember now.


Version: 68.01 - [2011/03/24]
- Improved loading time of GM.exe
- Fixed all bugs related to "Access Violation error"
- Fixed bug that you can only enable mh if you're the host.
- Fixed a bug that cause fatal error when disabling mh to 1.24d
- some others bugfix and improvement.


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