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Cast Me If You Can (2010) DVDRip MKV 400MB

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Cast Me If You Can (2010) DVDRip MKV 400MB Cast+Me+If+You+Can+%25282010%2529


Hiroshi (43) is an actor who
always plays supporting roles and lives in the shadow of his famous
novelist father, Kenta (72). Hiroshi has the virtue of being helpful to
strangers, but as a result, like a chameleon, he is always mistaken
for someone else: other actors, a sales clerk, a gas station attendant,
and even a kidnapper. When the lead role of Hiroshi's dreams finally
seems within reach, his contract is canceled after he is mistaken for
another man having an affair with the wife of an MP. Hiroshi is
emotionally closed and has no luck with romance. One day in the train,
Hiroshi meets an energetic aspiring actress, Aya (32) who doesn't
mistake him for anyone else. Hiroshi falls for Aya head over heels.
With tips from his younger colleague, Tomo, Hiroshi tries to make a
move for Aya. But Hiroshi is his own worst enemy for getting a date, or
landing the lead role.





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