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A Walk In My Shoes (2010) BDRip MKV 450MB

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A Walk In My Shoes (2010) BDRip MKV 450MB In+My+Shoes+%2528TV+2010%2529


The story opens up in Juarez,
Mexico, a city torn asunder by drug cartel violence. Trish Fahey is a
teacher who has lost touch with why she wanted to work with children in
the first place. As a child, she was orphaned to gang violence, when
her prostitute mother was killed after qutting the business by her drug
dealer father. This pushed Trish to go on to teach high school, but
since then she has become jaded, and lost touch with the things that
really matter. She finds herself blaming parents for the problems with
the children in her class, and often dismisses any reason the children
might have for what she sees as less than adequate grades. On top of all
this, Trish battles her own demons in the form of substance abuse, as
the trauma from her childhood continually resurfaces in the form of
drug and alcohol binges, leading her on dangerous trecks across Juarez
to get her fix.





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